Printed carrier bags

carrier bagsWe have a big selection of stocked carrier bags in many different sizes and shapes. Just choose a style from our range of stocked carrier bags that best suit your product.
Bag printing is an excellent way to promote and advertise your company image or product, it really gives a professional look to your packaging and for this reason we also offer colour printing of poly carrier bags, just fill in a printed carrier bags form of Polybags Ltd. and get a free quote!

Patch Handle

Patch Handle carriers are one of the most durable and usual form of carrier bag. They are made with an additional patch reinforcement seald to the inside of the handle to make them stronger. Usually finished with a straight cut punched out handle a patch handle carrier bag can be printed from one colour up to 100% in full colour.

Clip close carrier bags

clip close carrier bags bags are very popular with men's outfitters as they are side vented (gusseted) as opposed to bottom vented and the clip close carrier bags handles provides the bag with a distinctive shape. Carrier Bags. A twin clip carrier is manufactured using a consistent gauge, but has two plastic handles which clip together to close the bag and form a comfortable handle. There is a wide choice of handle styles available.

Vest carrier bags

The vest shape carrier bags are favoured by supermarkets as they are the most cost effective form of packaging. Designed for large scale production and economy, a vest handled carrier is made of High Density Polythene, usually of very low gauge. This allows a very low cost bag to be used for holding a relatively heavy weight.


A Vari-gauge carrier bag differs in gauge from the top to bottom, hence its name Vari-gauge. The handle area has a gauge twice as thick as that at the bottom. This gives the handle extra strength without the need for a reinforcement. Has the option of a straight or kidney shaped punched out handle.

Flexi loop carrier bags

A Flexiloop carrier is similar to the vari-gauge and patch handled carrier bags, but with a seald polythene loop handle attached. Ideal to make a polythene carrier bag a bit more classy. With an external handle the bag height can be shorter saving material and cost. The handle can be made with LDPE or HDPE.